As an independent candidate, I don’t have the financial backing of a large political organisation, but election campaigns do cost money. I would be very grateful for any donations to my campaign to cover the costs of getting my name out there, through newspaper advertising, flyers and posters.

Donate online via GoFundMe:

if you would like to support my campaign in other ways, you can also volunteer to help with canvassing and promoting the campaign – more details here: Volunteer.

Please note that there are strict rules for political donations in Ireland:

Donations can only be accepted from residents of the Ireland or Irish citizens living abroad. The maximum donation I can accept from 1 person is €1,000 and anonymous donations of over €100 are not allowed. I may have to contact you after your donation to confirm the details.

By donating, you confirm that you are an Irish resident or an Irish citizen living overseas.

Thank you!

Donate online via GoFundMe:

For other donation methods, please Contact Me.